Join our Hisense Facebook Group


We’ve set up a Hisense Facebook group. It’s a chance to share technical advice (we’ll post technical manuals and drawings), seek support, and talk about installation challenges and experiences. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We can help you through Facebook or pick your query up separately. Whatever suits you best.

Don’t forget you can also speak to our friendly office team, who are on hand to answer technical queries from Bublshop installers.

More about Hisense Heat Pumps:

Bublshop stocks the full range of Hisense Hi-Therma monobloc air source heat pumps (ASHPs). We can usually make next day, on-site deliveries. All Hisense ASHPs are MCS-certified by KEYMARK and meet Ecodesign efficiency requirements. You can find out more on our Hisense page.

Hisense Training from Bublshop:

Remember can also attend Hisense training at our showroom in Dorset. We run regular sessions throughout the year. Or, if it works better for you and your team, we can offer on-site training so you can learn while you carry out your first installation. All training is completely free of charge.

Just contact the team on 01747 826900 to find out more.



We are currently the sole UK distributor of Hisense HVAC products and we started working together in 2023. But we’ve been distributing air source heat pumps (ASHPs) and other sustainable heating solutions across the UK since 2013. So we have masses of experience and expertise to share.

Hisense HVAC operates across Europe – primarily in Italy, Germany, Spain, France and now the UK. Heat pumps in the Hisense range are efficient, reliable and technologically advanced, delivering heating and hot water quietly and sustainably down to temperatures of -25°C.

Installers who are new to the sustainable heating industry or have experience working with other ASHPs can attend a Hisense course at Bublshop’s training centre in Dorset. Larger organisations may have the opportunity to access free-of-charge training at one of Hisense’s European facilities. Both Hisense and Bublshop share a commitment to supporting heating engineers through early installations, offering help with specifying, commissioning, servicing and maintenance.