Bublshop stocks the full range of Hisense Hi-Therma monobloc ASHPs and can usually make next day, on site deliveries. All Hisense ASHPs are MCS-certified by KEYMARK and meet Ecodesign efficiency requirements.


ATW heat pump system is a ground breaking low energy system for cooling, heating and domestic hot water production, which delivers outstanding performance, even at extreme outdoor temperatures.

R32 refrigerant contributes to meeting the F-gas regulation targets as described in EU regulation 517/2014. Hisense Hi-Therma heat pump system adopts R32 refrigerant, which is a pertect solution for attaining the new European CO₂ emission targets.

Hi-Therma offers the best and effcient solution for home heating and hot water supply. It has the top class A+++ enargy classification under the low-temperature water condition, and A+++ under the mid-temperature water condition, which ensures you make savings on your energy bills, reducing electricity consumption and the impact on the environment.

Hisense Connect Life – Coming Soon!

Integrate all your Hisense technology with one app, the ultimate control for your home!

Product Lineup

Hisense Hi-Therma Monobloc – 4.4kw (R32)


Hisense Hi-Therma Monobloc – 8kw (R32)


Hisense Hi-Therma Monobloc – 10kw (R32)


Hisense Hi-Therma Monobloc – 12kw (R32)


Hisense Hi-Therma Monobloc – 14kw (R32)


Hisense Hi-Therma Monobloc – 16kw (R32)