Bublshop Launches Certified Installer Programme

We’ve launched a Certified Installer Programme for our MCS-certified sustainable energy installers.

If you’re not already one of our network of experienced and skilled engineers, you may receive an invitation to join in the next few weeks.

There are masses of benefits but if you would like to come on board and you haven’t heard from us, just drop our team a note to express your interest and make an application.





Members can access a wide range of benefits including:

  • customer referrals;
  • special discounts and rebates;
  • preferential stock allocation;
  • access to promotions and marketing;
  • finance options;
  • free training;
  • use of Certified Installer and manufacturer logos;
  • factory tours; and more.

Don’t forget we work with trusted, global brands like Viessmann and Hisense HVAC.

Get in touch to find out more! Simply complete the Certified Installer Programme application form or email the Bublshop team.