Discover the perfect system for heating your home using renewable energy

Enjoy major savings on running costs, no matter what the season

Rely on efficient heating, cooling and hot water, all year round

Ideal for homes of all shapes and sizes, whether new build or older

An air-to-water low-temperature monobloc heat pump that meets the needs of your newly built home


Single outdoor unit for heating and cooling

Connects easily to hot water tanks

Smart control via Onecta app, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Modern design compliments your home’s exterior

Single unit simplifies the installation requirements and time


Product Info

Functions: heating and cooling
Dimensions: (hxwxd)870x1380x640 mm
Sound pressure: (outdoor unit)44 – 50 dBA
Energy label: heating up to A+++
Domestic hot water temperature: up to 60 °C
Operation: down to -25 °C

Heat is absorbed

Heat pumps work by moving heat from one place to another, refrigerant (now usually R32 or R290) absorbs the heat from the outdoor air, earth or water.

Heat is compressed

The refrigerant then enters the compressor where it is put under high pressure, because of the high pressure the refrigerant gets hotter.

Heat is released

Depending on the type of heat pump and system, the heat is either blown into the room via indoor fan units, or it is used to heat the water that runs through your radiators & underfloor heating.

The cycle will then repeat until the heating demand is fulfilled.

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