Air/water heat pump

Air/water heat pump in monoblock design

  • Rated heating output: 6 to 16 kW
  • Without indoor unit
  • Sustainable operation
  • Easy to operate


6 to 16 kW

Remote control

Viessmann Touch and Touch-Multi controls are available for extended applications


Space-saving monobloc heat pump for outdoor installation


Environmentally friendly refrigerant R32


Simple operation with plain text display directly on the heat pump


Energy efficiency class (LT): A+++

Heat pumps for outdoor installation: Maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption

The new Vitocal 100-A air/water heat pumps cover most applications in new build and modernisation projects. With outputs between 6 and 16 kW, the specifications for convenient heat supply and domestic hot water preparation can be met.


Gold protects against corrosion and ensures long service life

In comparison to conventional heat exchangers, the Vitocal 100-A has a gold-plated exchanger. Long-term tests with saline liquids have shown that no visible corrosion has occurred. This guarantees the user a long service life.

Low-cost space saving buffer solutions

The Vitocal 100-A offers different low-cost solutions combining an external mounted buffer store, which is ideal for space saving applications, with a separate DHW cylinder. Alternatively, a combi buffer is available comprising a buffer and DHW cylinder in one.

Typical installation showing the Vitocal 100-A heat pump with a combi cylinder (buffer and DHW) heating a house and providing hot water.

Comfortable wireless control with touchscreen and plain text display

The Vitocal 100-A can be operated directly on the appliance via the built-in control unit. Standard wired and wireless heating controls can be combined with the Vitocal 100-A for convenient operation. Viessmann Touch and Touch-Multi controls are available for extended applications.

Advantages for users at a glance

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