Heating’s Holy Trinity: Solar, Battery, Heat Pump

Heat pumps are firmly on the agenda and set to become a primary source of domestic heat in the UK in the evolutionary blink of an eye.

But we need to look further ahead, says Richard Barras, Bublshop’s MD.

“The future of home heating almost certainly lies with heat pumps but we – along with many of our engineers and customers – are thinking beyond that. We’re seeing increased interest in the ‘holy trinity’ of renewable systems: solar photovoltaic (PV) panels combined with a battery storage unit and a heat pump – a holistic approach to meeting energy requirements.”

The benefits of utilising free electricity from solar PV are well known, but there’s a problem: power generation from solar is low in the evening and through the winter months when heat pumps are most in use.

Improving the synergy between these products is now possible, thanks to advances in technology and its application.

At these times, a battery storage system comes into its own – holding power taken from solar panels (or from the grid at off-peak rates) to meet household requirements (including powering a heat pump to deliver heating and hot water) at times of high demand and peak price.

The saving can be considerable, with off-peak rates sometimes less than a quarter of the normal electricity price.

“We’re hearing from property owners who want to become more self-sufficient,” adds Richard.

“Others simply want the feel-good factor of green technology. These people are aware of the benefits of heat pumps and are keen to learn how they can be incorporated into a complete renewable energy package.

“The beauty is that property owners can start with just one piece of the puzzle – solar panels, say – and add on over time, spreading the cost.”

Bublshop has experience in the renewables sector stretching back over 20 years and the team works closely with a network of heating engineers across the UK, supplying high quality, tried and tested ASHPs, battery storage units, and solar panels – running training, sharing technical knowledge, offering ongoing support, and giving installers the confidence to tackle the most challenging renewables projects.

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