Bublshop Launches Young Entrepreneur Intern Competition

Bublshop is excited to introduce its inaugural Intern Young Entrepreneur competition for students who are interested in learning about the competitive world of business.

Our aim is to promote potential entrepreneurs – young people in the local community with an interest in pursuing a career in business.

Students will create a business strategy to buy and sell a product (no matter what it is!) at the Gillingham & Shaftsbury Show in August.

You’ll then take part in a business start-up day at Bublshop prior to the show and you’ll also have the opportunity to hear from local business leaders.

You’ll develop your own business strategies, with input and support from Bublshop and showcase your entrepreneurial skills at the Gillingham & Shaftsbury show. Show visitors will have the opportunity to visit your stall and purchase from you. The winner will be the student who generates the most profit.

At a Glance

Are You…

– Creative
– A budding entrepreneur
– Business minded
– Learn business skills
– Showcase entrepreneurial skills
– Discover real world experience

Richard Barras, Company Director, Bublshop

“Dorset has a great wealth of successful business people that have all had help and advice to start their careers .

In turn, they are keen to inspire the next generation of budding entrepreneurs.”



1. Information Session: Monday 17 June

This evening session involves an inspiration talk from a successful business leader, a Q&A session and an outline of the commitments of the competition.

2. Business Training: Saturday 13 July

This will be held at Bublshop during the school holidays, where students will participate in workshops to build some business skills and start thinking about ideas for their competition business.

3. Final Submission – Wednesday 7 August

Students will need to submit their final proposal and budget before they are selected to participate in the competition.


Find out more about Bublshop or contact the team for more information about our intern competition.

You’ll find some tips for young entrepreneurs here. And, if you want to hear some stories of other young people across the world who are forging entrepreneurial careers, check out these innovators, featured in CEO magazine.