Bublshop Charity Skydive – We Raised Over £3500!

An intrepid team of colleagues from Gillingham-based, national heat pump distributor, Bublshop, have completed a sky dive to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

The 10 sky divers took their leap of faith on Friday 15 September, jumping from a plane cruising at 10,000 feet whilst strapped to instructors from GoSkydive, based at Old Sarum, Salisbury.

The opportunity to do a tandem jump was organised by Bublshop managing director, Richard Barras, and was open to any colleagues that wished to take part.

Richard himself completed a jump, saying: “Having suggested it, I couldn’t really not take part. Although I did have a moment of wondering why on earth I’d proposed it! I was surprised so many of the team were keen to take on the challenge but it’s a reflection of the amazing people we have here, everyone’s positive attitude and their supportive natures. As well, of course, of the importance of the work of Cancer Research.”

Collectively, the team has so far raised more than £3,500.

Vicky Milverton, one of the Bublshop jumpers, said: “It was amazing! I wasn’t nervous, just extremely excited. All the instructors were so very professional and put us at ease, cracking jokes from start to finish. Going up in the plane, it really hit home just how high we were. But being strapped so tightly and securely to our instructors, put our minds at rest.

“My cheeks ache from the constant smile on my face and my body aches from the adrenaline rush the day after. The best thing about it was the 30 second free fall. So, would I do it again? Hell yes… only higher!

“It was an amazing opportunity, organised for us by Richard. The chance of a life time!”

Cancer Research UK provides cancer information, and funds scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer sooner. There’s still time to donate to the Bublshop fundraiser (charity-sky-dive).

Pics shows (L to R): Tom, Richard, Amy, Vicky, George and Holly.

Check out the video below of Vicky jumping out of the plane!