Why Viessmann?

The world’s leading manufacturer of high-efficiency heating and renewable energy systems, Viessmann offers what no one else can – a complete range of heating solutions designed for today, that meet the energy challenges of tomorrow.

All of our products are designed with the future in mind, and built to last so you can enjoy many years of worry-free home comfort.

We also offer mobile apps and smart home solutions to give you added control and convenience, so you can save time and money as well as reducing your environmental impact

Vitocal 150-A

The advanced heat pumps from Viessmann work with a patented hydraulic system. With Hydro AutoControl®, the heat pump is operated reliably and with maximum efficiency throughout its entire service life. The unique design not only ensures that your contractor can set up the heat pump with OptiPerform much faster and, therefore, more cost effectively. It also takes up much less space because it is up to 60 percent smaller than comparable systems.

Vitocal 151-A

Reliable, compact and more environmentally responsible than ever – the new, innovative heat pump technology from Viessmann makes particularly efficient use of environmental energy for heating and cooling. With a flow temperature of up to 70 °C, the Vitocal 151-A is perfectly suited for retrofit installations. Subject to a system design meeting industry regulations and best practice, together with a weather compensated heating system, it may be possible to retain existing radiators. High energy efficiency, convenient control via app, sustainable operation and attractive design are all convincing features.

Vitocal 100-A

Highly suitable for modernisation and new build: Vitocal 100-A

Maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption

The new Vitocal 100-A air/water heat pumps cover most applications in new build and modernisation projects.

This product also features low operating costs due to high Coefficient of Performance to EN 14511. It holds the highest energy efficiency class: A+++ and is particularly quiet

Vitovolt 300

A Viessmann photovoltaic system not only includes the photovoltaic modules (or PV modules for short), but also an inverter that converts the generated direct current into alternating current, and the installation system. The components are perfectly matched. For additional efficiency, you can expand the system to incorporate power storage systems or a Viessmann heat pump. This also enables a higher level of self-consumption. The decision to install a power storage unit and/or a heat pump has a significant influence on the size of the system. These factors must be taken into account in advance in order to find the right Viessmann photovoltaic package to suit you and your individual requirements. You will find support with this from our Viessmann trade partners. They offer comprehensive services from planning and design to delivery and service.

Vitocell 300-V

The Vitocell 300-V is a special type of DHW cylinder. Its cylinder is made of high grade stainless steel. The corrosion-resistant cylinder is characterised by its hygienic, food safe surface quality. A protective anode for additional corrosion protection measures is not needed. This avoids additional running costs from the outset.


In our central, clearly laid out ViBooks database, you can quickly and easily find the operating instructions, data sheets and all kinds of brochures you need. As a trade partner you can find installation and service instructions, technical guides, price sheets and many other documents for your Viessmann appliances.